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You Aren’t Going To Believe What I Did

You aren’t going to believe what I did! In fact, I almost don’t even believe it! Now before I tell you this juicy secret of what I did that has already changed my life and given me at least an hour back a day, you should know that I am OBSESSED with productivity hacks! As long I can remember, I would be working on something during “down times,” and I would rarely ever just “shut my brain off.”

I can remember in High School, I would figure out how much time it would take me to walk between classes, and how much time that gave me of “free time.” I would use my that free time in the hallway by my locker, not socializing, not gossiping, not checking my hair or make-up (well, I never really wore any make-up back then anyway), but WORKING! Yep, even if I had 3 minutes, that was 3 minutes I had to sit in the hallway and work on an upcoming assignment or report. If I had 8 classes a day and averaged 3 minutes of work time between each class, that is 24 minutes of work I could get in in one day, or 2 HOURS a week! To me, that meant less time working on homework when I got home and more time hanging out with friends, playing tennis, or dancing! Woo Hoo! Still to this day, people are always asking me, “How do you do it? How do you run multiple businesses, find time for your personal life, and still manage to do things you love?” It always comes down to two things…Productivity and Organization!

“So, on with it Amy! What did you do recently that has given you an hour back a day?”

Let me tell you…

I deleted Facebook on my phone. Yep! That’s it and it was pretty painless, I must say. I tracked how many minutes I was on my phone just “checking my feed really quick” or “looking over my notifications.” Can you believe that 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there (sometimes I would get sucked in) turned into over an hour a day! An entire hour of unproductive behavior that would not only interrupt my thinking and thought processes during the day, but also would zap my creative energy that I so badly need for my businesses! Not only that, I can’t tell you how many times I would be browsing on Facebook while with friends and family and never was truly in the moment. It’s important to BE IN THE MOMENT.

There are many reasons I gave myself why this would never work.

  • Excuse #1 – I have so many friends that want to get a hold of me right away
    • Fine! I left FB Messenger on for now. Besides, it’s practically like a text anyway.
  • Excuse #2 – I can’t post pictures that I take from my phone
    • I now just plug my phone into my computer when I get back home and Voila! I can post away.
  • Excuse #3 – I won’t know what’s going on in the world!
    • If you rely on Facebook for news, well, let’s just say if it’s important, you’ll find out about it.
  • Excuse #4 – Some Groups I follow or am a member of use Facebook as the only means of communication to it’s members. What if I miss out on something?
    • The reality is that I won’t! I still check Facebook everyday from my computer, but I get all that I need in a matter of 10-15 minutes by checking it once or twice a day, instead of over an hour a day in smaller chunks.

What do you think? Do you think you could delete Facebook on your phone? What other things might you do with an extra hour per day?


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