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It’s A Brand New Day

Hi! I am Amy Dix and I am the creator of amyndix.com and I am here to talk to you today about how to continue with your big dreams when you feel like life is failing you! Or you feel like there might be a setback. So there are three things I want you to remember.


  1. Don’t Lose the Vision. Don’t lose the vision. You created your big dream for a reason and you need to write it down if you have not written it down yet, but you can’t let that slip. So write it down. Don’t lose that vision and remember why you started in the first place.


  1. Talk with someone. Talk with someone about why like why you feel like life is interrupting your big dream or why you feel like it’s getting in the way. Find a friend, a family member…Or if you don’t feel like you can confide in any of those, there some great coaches out there. There’s one called do The Crossroads Coaching and her name is Ann Peck. You can look her up at annpeck.com.


Number 3 might just shock you!


  1. I want you to take your dream and I want you to double your goal. Double it. Don’t cut it in half. Don’t give up on it. I want you to double it because life is not failing you right now. It is challenging you right now and you need to take that challenge head-on and you need to say, “You know what! I will do this!” So, take your big dream and if you feel frustrated right now, I don’t want you to stop.


I don’t want you to lose the vision.

I want you find someone to talk to, and

I want you to double your goal because I know you can do it!


Still feel like life is failing you? Guess what? You just need to tell yourself…It’s a BRAND NEW DAY! Listen to my favorite song that is sure to pull you out of any rut!


Joshua Radin – Brand New Day (Listen Now)


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